Engineering Service


We work with engineers certified and recognized by the State of Florida in the field of awning engineering. They especially calculate how the structures should withstand the hurricane winds that affect South Florida during the cyclonic seasons. We guarantee that all of our products are properly designed to exceed Florida's building codes.

Design Service


We use the latest awning software technology. The idea is simple. Instead of asking customers to imagine an awning, we show it to them. That's the promise of Awning Florida, Inc. we take a picture of your home or business to show them exactly what their shade structure will look like.

Permitting Service


A building permit must be obtained from the corresponding municipality for any awning installation and in some cases permission must be submitted in the recovery or modification of damaged awnings. The specific permit requirements differ by city, scope and type of project. The schedule of the permitting process can also vary greatly from one project to another, often taking several time. A permit must be obtained, before any fabrication or installation work can begin if your local government requires it.